Photography Services

The days of generic stock photos are gone!

Proud to offer you bespoke photography services.

Committed. Talented. Reliable. Happy to connect and collaborate with you!
I’m a photographer based in Warsaw. We can work together in Poland or other countries on request. I am passionate about supporting my clients’ business goals. I support my customers in creating a visual representation of their expertise, events or space through custom photography.
If you have any original idea for your brand/company, let me know! Thanks to my marketing and communication background, I can easily understand your goals and realize a bespoke photo story.
  • 01.
    For corporate companies
    • - business portraits for executives and your teams
      - event reports : team buildings, conferences, big vibrant parties, elegant ceremonies…
      - office interior photography

      Thanks to a unique imagery, master your communication and convince! I’m capturing images that will highlight all the key moments and that can be used for marketing purposes. So that you could share them with your collaborators and partners.
  • 02.
    For entrepreneurs, creative people, small business
    • - portraits
      - workshops reports
      - Personal & Professional branding photography

      The result : a rich, authentic visual narrative of all the facets of your brand / business and your personality. I edit a personal library of images created for you. The photos are ready to be published on your site, your press kit or Instagram! Your photographs not only change the look, but the entire experience your clients have when landing on your website or instagram account. Read more
  • 03.
    For hotels, restaurants & real estate agencies
    • - residential interior photography
      - retail interior photography
      - commercial interior photography

      My aim is to create aspirational imagery for shops, restaurants, hotels, show rooms... I have the creativity, resource and expertise to deliver best in class assets that inspire consumers to buy and feel well. I understand the latest trends and work hard to create the best showcase of your space, pushing creative boundaries and challenging perceptions. All the key selling points of your property / space are captured. I have a keen eye for detail and composition.
  • 04.
    For communication / event agencies, art galleries
    • - event reports : musical festivals, art exhibitions, gala evenings, markets

      Highlight your event with a unique and very personal perspective! Master your event with a unique illustration, and high quality content, tailored to your needs and aesthetics. Backstage and stage will be captured with emotion and good vibes in order to reflect your vibrant performances.
  • 05.
    For individuals and families
    • - solo or duo photography session
      - Warsaw family photo shoot
      - Lifestyle family report
      - private parties (farewells, birthdays…)

      My goal is for your headshots to be something you are proud for others to see. Whether you want a sophisticated portrait composed in your office or a playful series of outdoor images that celebrate a carefree lifestyle, I’ve got you!

      We can also organize a Warsaw photo shoot. Let me take you to the most picturesque parts of the old city on a photoshoot to capture your time in Warsaw! Whether you are celebrating your marriage, traveling with your family, friends having a great time or simply a traveler looking for great memories, I will take beautiful pictures of you!

      Documentary family photography is the process of capturing moments, un-staged and un-contrived, of everyday life. I like to help people relive the memories of their very precious family time together. It’s all about humanity! It’s a challenge to get a great image without directing but that’s what photography is to me. Observing. Capturing.

Let’s speak about your photo project!

“Capturing the evidence of beauty is easy. Anne-Sophie’s Art captures and reveals the ordinary. From now, my vision is posed on the magic of the ordinary.”

“You only need to look at Anne-Sophie’s photos to realize that she has a lot of love and has a real artist’s eye on the subjects she photographs. She knows how to give the subjects she chooses, a soul by bringing both light and a lot of grace. Sobriety and chic, that’s how I would describe his photographic works. Thank you Anne-Sophie for making us love your art and for sharing it. Personally, I’m a fan!”

“I’ve acquired some of your stairs photos to decorate my house. I congratulate you for your outstanding work, very beautiful pictures, a lot of emotions and magic. We feel behind these pictures a curious and sensitive person!”

“Anne Sophie perfectly understood my need, she was available to organize the session quickly. The session was easy and pleasant, we took the time to find the right spots and I am very satisfied with the result.”

“There are a lot of Anne-Sophie Nival’s photos at my home! A series of pictures of stairs, very graphic. I also bought 2 books, one for myself and one for a gift. My daughter chose pictures of PKN and the city for her room. We are fans in the family!”

“The people photographed are seen with great sensitivity. The character, the flaws, the humanity of people are captured by the lens. Intimate facets of the subjects are exposed. Their naturalness is captured.
Generally speaking, the words that come to my mind to describe Anne-Sophie’s style: nostalgic, dreamlike, graphic, calm and gentle.”

“Anne Sophie Nival enchanted us with her photos during our Cabaret 2019 show. She knew how to capture the atmosphere of this evening, being discreet and sneaking behind the curtain to immortalize an emotion, a look, a dress … And all the important moments of this show.
We are very grateful and admiring the result obtained. We are fortunate to have met a person of great generosity!”