• 01.
    My personal universe
    • When I don't take pictures...
      I like to ferret around, discovering inconspicuous places, hidden paths, artisanal shops... losing myself in flea markets.
      I love sharing the joys of a bountiful meal with my friends, to shop at farmers’ markets, testing recipes and sampling good wines, laughing, living suspended moments when I look around and think “everything is alright”. I enjoy sharing good finds.
      I also spend a lot of time looking at inspiring lifestyle magazines. websites and decorations. I love beautiful interiors!
  • 02.
    My style thought?
    • Powerful images, creativity, feelings, natural light...

      I offer a personal perspective, original framings, driven by a sense of the aesthetic. I value beautiful light and colors, atmosphere, genuine emotions, matched details... I prioritize spontaneity, authenticity and storytelling, and work mainly with natural light. This immersive and intimate approach is the pulse of my projects. It’s my instinct: I want to capture moments as they come, without poses and forced smiles. It’s a challenge to get a great image without directing, but that’s what photography is to me. Being curious. Observing. Documenting...

      I shouldn’t forget to mention… the friendly discussions, laughter, my constant ideas, my willingness & desire to perform… All of those elements that add layers of humanity to professional projects.

  • 03.
    Passionate about my craft!
    • Why do I make pictures?

      I photograph your story, which becomes a piece of mine;
      I photograph to capture beautiful meetings, smiles, complicity;
      I photograph to discover universes not otherwise accessible;
      I photograph to help, to support business;
      I photograph to bring joy;
      I photograph out of curiosity.

      “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams’s statement

  • 04.
    My background
    • I’m from France but currently live in Warsaw. I’ve also spent a large part of my life in Rennes, Lille, Paris and Moscow.

      After many years developing an expertise in marketing and brand management, I decided in 2018 to focus my work exclusively in photography. My background, however, remains a real asset in my photographic work when it comes to understanding the needs of my corporate clients.

      I’ve also launched, together with two other talented and astute Frenchwomen, a blog dedicated to artisans and handicraft in Poland: I am the photographer. Have a look!

  • 05.
    What I love shooting during my personal work
    • My favorite places: the Russian Academy of Sciences of Moscow (Российская академия наук), the Praga district of Warsaw and the city of Łódź...

      My favorite topics include: industrial heritage, shop windows, forgotten places and objects, craftsmen at work...

      My favorite situations: streets, small crafts, markets, flea markets, daily life with a touch of nostalgia, backstages…


How did photography come into your life?

Completely by chance, thanks to Facebook, two years ago I wanted to take a little time to do something different from my usual job and signed up for a photography class in Moscow. I followed a FB ad published by a Frenchwoman who wanted to set up a course with a Russian teacher who spoke French!

Why did you like it?

At first, I was extremely clumsy and did not know what to photograph. Our teacher always told us that everything around us can become a subject and I didn’t understand. So, I forced myself to take my photos downstairs where I lived … As I went on, I felt a surge of adrenaline when I discovered the results of my explorations on a screen. I had managed to progress from image to photo. The work I did with window reflections is what made it all click.

How would you define your style?

I try to tell stories from frozen cityscapes. For example, for me, the facade of a building must be able to tell the story of its inhabitants. The passage of time is often present. I use light to create a parallel story, which allows for a double reading through composition that superimposes the stories. I also like to play with graphic effects.
For portraits, as much as possible, I try to naturally reveal my subjects’ sensibility, their soft and intimate side.

Are you portrait or landscape?

Definitely landscape! The portrait format is not at all natural for me, a bit like writing with my left hand. I’m really a photographer of the moment. I like to capture moments by interfering as little as possible with what is happening.

“I like to capture moments by interfering as little as possible with what is happening.”

What thrills you?

I have an affinity for everything. I do not limit myself to any specific field, and if I feel that I can do something, I get out there and hone my skills. I enjoy working with individuals as much as I enjoy working with businesses. These are two completely different fields, which fascinate me just as much and which, in my opinion, complement each other. I’m too curious to specialize!

What photo project did you like the most?

I’ve really loved meeting artisans and doing reporting work with them. There are unexpected treasures of know-how when you go through the doors of these workshops! The focus and the attention that these craftsmen pay to every detail to achieve perfect results, the time required to master such movements, the precision involved… It fascinates me completely.

Do you have new projects or ideas?

Personal projects are very important to me. They really allow me to move forward to test new things, and to go into areas to which my job does not always give me access. I have an idea for a series that is very close to my heart but which is more complex in its execution because it requires a little production work. I would like to invite myself to meals, banquets, dinners, picnics etc … and make still lifes of the table once the guests are gone!