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I’ve gathered my best artworks in a catalogue with more than 300 original images, organized by theme, which evoke the atmosphere of creativity, trendiness and good feelings.
Buying Photography, you encourage questioning and share a way of seeing with those around up.
For sure, the art of photography will give your space charm, personality and spirit!
  • My offer
    • I can help you to decorate offices, private houses, restaurants, hotels, bars etc and can cooperate with you :
      - to provide assistance in interior design, choosing images (and print media) that will improve your interior.
      - deal with technical issues. I can supervise the production and installation.
  • For corporate companies, hotels, restaurants / bars
    • I support companies that add art to their success story! You can show your brand’s interest in the arts. It’s enthusiastic for your clients and inspiring for your employees. Add good vibes to your business !
  • For your private house
    • Take care of your interior and feel happy thanks to art! You can live in a unique and trendy atmosphere, powered by photography. Get inspired!
  • 01.
    Framing or frameless photographic prints
    • Images are printed on 2 ranges of paper and frames :
      - standard mat paper 300g with a basic frame (black or white)
      - fine art paper, with a wooden or aluminium frame
      I give priority to an individual approach for the production of my artworks : I can change the paper, media, size for you.
  • 02.
    Other substrates which can enrich your project
    • - Dibon + acrylic glass in option
      - Glass
      - Canvas with artificial material stretched on a wooden frame
      - Backlight photographs in wooden frames
      - Photowallpaper. A large-scale photographic print can change the character of a space, open up the room, enlarge the horizon and relax your eyes and minds
      I give priority to an individual approach for the production of my artworks : I can change the paper, media, size for you.
  • 03.
    Leasing of artworks
    • I provide a convenient, flexible and affordable way for clients to enjoy fine art in their offices or private interiors, through a leasing program (typically 6 months to 1 year). I help you select the most suitable artworks for your space (office, show room, shops, hotels, restaurants, commercial lobbies, private houses…).
      Benefits of a leasing option :
      - Creates an ambiance in the office that can boost productivity, creativity and brand identity
      - The display of fine art can further enhance the prestige and corporate image of a company. It is considered as evidence of good taste, power and influence.
      - Competitive businesses place a premium on creating working environments which inspire clients and employees alike.
      - Leasing art allows you to showcase otherwise expensive art in a cost effective manner
      - Leasing art provides companies with flexibility as artworks can be exchanged at the end of the lease period for other artworks giving the space a fresh look
  • 04.
    For interior designers
    • I can provide assistance for interior designers, design studios, preparing a made-to-measure portfolio which matches with the atmosphere, colors or shape you want to add in the project you have designed! Specific conditions for you!

You need to change regularly your decor? Let’s speak about my LEASING OFFER!

Get inspired by their choice

Agata Le Guern, Le Guern Gallery owner

I have chosen the photograph that looks almost like an abstract artwork. It is an interior picture showing only a fragment of the room - a part of the door, the armchair, the table and the walls. This very engaging image makes us concentrate on the patterns, the lines and the vivid colors. The velvety texture of the armchair is nicely juxtaposed with the glossy surface of the wall reflecting light. Only a single handle on the door gives us some sense of orientation about the interior we are watching... There is an atmosphere of mystery and calmness in this picture which attracts our attention. .

His choice: Moods #0005 in 'Moods' collection


Olivia Nikel, Journalist & Photographer

I feel that for a short time I am part of the life of this lady. I love her energy, her moving in a beautiful, classical surrounding. Where is she going? Why is she turning? I like the fact that I am looking at her from behind another structure that is even a little blurred. It intensifies my feeling of distance. I like to see her from afar. I can enjoy this moment, but leave any time I wish. Yet there is so much to explore in this image.

Her choice: street photo #0023 in 'Street photo' collection


Karolina Skrobotowicz - Keene, interior designer

The pictures about stairs at Anne-Sophie's are repetitive and for good reason - each time we have the chance to rediscover their beauty.
Here, basic elements: the color and the forms are used with softness and delicacy. We plunge into the tranquility of a pastel mist, let ourselves be lulled by the light and tender lines like a shell.

Her choice: stairs #0055 in 'Stairs' collection


Rafael Lewandowski, Film director

A door like all those I have so often wanted to push in Warsaw, hoping to discover the traces of a past that would have miraculously survived the destruction ... I like when Anne-Sophie gives importance precisely to things that so many others do not worry about.

His choice: moods #0049 in 'Moods' collection


Philippe Boudoux, Filmmaker, photographer & journalist

It was with her series "Stairs" that I discovered the work of Anne-Sophie Nival and this picture, in particular, immediately fascinated me. Very often, her look, offbeat and singular, is not limited to showing us her vision of the world... it manages to make us dive into it!

His choice: stairs #0039 in 'Stairs' collection


Cathy-Anne Gerulewicz, Owner of the luxury design show room Free your home

Nautilus, kaleidoscope and vortex are the first words that came to my mind when I saw this photo the first time. Subsequently, I became aware of a certain complementarity between the elements that are the steps and the ramp, the first by their elementary aspect and the second by the delicacy of its lace. I chose this photo among the 300 existing because it represents in my eyes the extreme raw elegance, without glitter or fuss.

Her choice: stairs #0035 in 'Stairs' collection


Yann Gontard, Sodexo CEO, Corporate Services Central Europe

“Light & Darkness” are the words that come to my mind when I look at this photography.

His choice: nature #0063 in 'Nature' collection


Paul Fabre, Managing director at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique Polska

Beauty and the Beast. A fragile balance between these two beings that are one. The Beast that lies dormant in each of us and only waits to released. .

His choice: street photo #0041 in 'Street photo' collection


Cedric Tavernier, Le Petit Journal de Varsovie Editor

Warsaw, my adopted city, which I love so much. This photo magnifies it but it also magnifies its heterogeneity, sometimes so disparaged.

His choice: Warsaw #0040 in 'Warsaw' collection


Elin Witschas Thomassen, Co-founder here we are Poland

Stairs are often large and beautiful, almost majestic. I see a staircase as a symbol of movement, that can go up as well as down. It’s a symbol of seeking, transitions, and self-realization. It’s a link between two or more levels consisting of several consecutive steps that can lead you to new places to help you, and raise awareness of the step you are at, at this current time in your life, and where you want to go on your path through human existence.

Her choice: stairs #0009 in 'Stairs' collection


Anne-Laure Delmotte and Pauline de Luppe, Co-founders Si Beau

We immerse ourselves in a film set and its intrigue of the moment.
Two men wanting to get away from the crowd and prying eyes, meet to share an intimate or secret affair. There is a certain distance, however, we already seem to be spying on these men at the confessional.
This photo is timeless, it might as well have been made in 1950. The setting is very evocative of the great mitteleuropa cafes: a chandelier, a rounded window, a sheer curtain… It was shooted at the Europejski hotel. We do not know and yet it is full of meaning: a historic palace which has risen several times from the ashes in the image of Warsaw.

Their choice: street photo #0040 in 'Street photo' collection


Gregory Hamant, President of ‘RFE Pologne’ - the Association of Francophone Entrepreneurs in Poland

It reminds me of "my" Atlantic Ocean, the long beaches of the Landes or Gironde where I come from. The Baltic Sea with its dunes, its pines: I like to go there to relax at any time of the year. To me, to people who have a passion for cycling, this photo reminded me of beautiful moments in Poland and France on these wild beaches.

His choice: nature #0035 in 'Nature' collection


Eric Salvat, President of UFE Pologne - the association of French abroad in Poland.

I love the perspective and the depth of this photo, as well as the respect for symmetry! Plus, I have a soft spot for black and white photography.

His choice: stairs #0014 in 'Stairs' collection


Guillermo Escribano. Diplomat

Anne Sophie Nival has a talent for capturing frozen harmonies.

His choice: stairs #0044 in 'Stairs' collection


Pascale Prądzyński, co-owner GP House

I chose Praga as it is a fascinating area, that stand out for its history and recent revival.
Previously neglected and avoided by the residents of Warsaw, today it is a creative space full of galleries, artist and cafes.

Her choice: Warsaw #0051 in 'Warsaw' collection


Eva Klimackova, Franco-Slovak choreographer

I like this idea of ​​the staircase, as something very abstract and very concrete at the same time. What touches me in this image is the luminosity, the shape at the same time rounded and delicate of the staircase, its very graceful elevation or descent ... The staircase which leads us sometimes, or not, towards freeing our imagination.

Her choice: triptych #31-32-33 in 'Triptychs' collection


Clotilde Simonis, responsible for Internal Communication at Frontex

I have chosen this black and white picture of Warsaw. It is pure, classical landscape photography. I particularly appreciate the proportions: the sky takes about 3/4 of the picture. It aptly reflects my inner feeling of Warsaw; a very horizontal city and its endless thick white / light grey heavy sky. The foreground is dark bushes, then we sample the typical, grey Eastern apartment "blocks", the communist ones, mixed with the new kind, and very similar ones. And in the background, the few skyscrapers defining Warsaw’s horizon, the eye being automatically caught by the Palace of Culture, and its massive but elegant outline.

Her choice: Warsaw #0021 in 'Warsaw' collection


Jakub Brzeczkowski, VP Eutelsat

I really like the pictures of the stairs, and especially this one, because it evokes the feeling of vertigo. I don't know why but they make me think of the famous Hitchkock movie "Vertigo" that I recently saw with my daughter!

His choice: stairs #0035 in 'Stairs' collection


Anne-Sophie Massa, Consul of Belgium in Poland

With this photo, Anne-Sophie has managed to capture all the complexity of Warsaw, a city resolutely turned towards the future, while the shadow of the past hangs over every street corner.

Her choice: Warsaw #0017 in 'Warsaw' collection


Helene Ferrer, President of the Varsovie Accueil association

Gdansk, a very nice surprise! it is not or no longer the gray and sad city that I had imagined by watching on TV the events of 1980 but rather a cosmopolitan city, magnificent, endowed with a remarkable historic center, superb colorful facades. It is truly the jewel of the Baltic!

Her choice: Polish cities #0003 in 'Polish cities' collection


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